Melanie Stegemann

Home - The moments I exposed

Melanie Stegemann has returned from the oldest rainforest in the world. Her idea of home is now plural. With a photo installation she is sharing the beauty and abundance of an untouched and therefore touching part of the earth.

Traveling and taking photos have always been inseparable to me. The camera is like a net, enabling me to capture places and moments. The emerged photo is like a note in a diary, a visual memory, a document that is preserving memories. Sometimes my artistic expression originated from these pictures, but I usually felt that I would have to somehow modify them, abstract them, release them from their subjectivity as far as possible.

This time it’s different. On my first trip to Australia in 2015 I already knew that this single visit wouldn’t be enough. A year later I went back. The journey has connected me, reminded me of something. My idea of home is now plural. This particular time I’m not the one who’s capturing- I’m the captured one. My artistic self found itself challenged by my own subjectivity. Each photo represents the moment I chose to expose, but yet they carry a feeling of objectivity, as if they are of universal intimacy and privacy. These photos aren't mine, they are everyone's. Something is withdrawing to give a different kind of space. This time the photos don’t want to be modified into something else, they want to speak for themselves. Home_web.jpg