Melanie Stegemann

Hänsel and Gretel 2011
Video. Length 12‘34“

Tanja Marschal, radio host of Antenne Düsseldorf, reads
Grimm‘s fairy tale ‚Hänsel and Gretel‘ like a news text.

The video work "Hänsel und Gretel 2011" determines the paradoxes within the possibilities of domesticated language.
In the context of human specific affinity to establish and invent himself, many features have occurred, telling us how to see and describe the world around us. These features are usually taken as given.
"Hänsel und Gretel 2011" approaches fairytale and language by clashing them in an unusual way.
Replacing the prosaic language by a factual news-staccato allows to experience narrative content through a form of language, as well as having the fairytale appear like a factual report. This suddenly pushes the fairytale into response with it's own historical meaning.